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Welcome Stranger! We are creating a Video-Series about the building of Libreflip, Episodes are released weekly, every Thursday

Too much knowledge is bound to one place. Libraries charge you to scan your Books. Companys scan Books but do not give you free access. Here is THE tool to make global enlightenment happen.



Libreflip is opensource, come and check out the code, and help to make Libreflip even better

Liberate Books

physical Books are bound to a single location. With a Bookscanner you can liberate them.

automatic pageturning

Fast forward through the scanning process with a machine that turns the pages for you!

Design and Drawings

This is how Libreflip will look like once it is finished. Currently the machine is still in development.

If you want to be updated on the progress and informed once the machine is ready for you to buy, please continue scrolling

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About Us

Libreflip is a project originating in Berlins oldest Hackerspace c-base.

Ijon has been building Bookscanners since 2011 and different members have joined in over time to help with their individual superpowers.

From the get-go Ijon dreamt of having a pageturning bookscanner that can turn any book automatically into an eBook. The first proof of concept was made in 2011, but for several reasons Ijon gave up on this project. In 2016 the project was revived and is now on track to be finished soon.

  • Crafted with simplicity

    The machine is designed to be as simple as possible for you to build. If you’ve ever built a 3D-Printer, then building Libreflip will be a piece of cake!

  • Book Loving

    We love physical Books, but sometimes, a digital book is more practical. Libreflip is very gentle to your precious Books.

  • Lightning Fast

    We don’t know precisely how fast the scanning will be, but we are estimating about 1000 pages per hour

  • Touch User Interface

    You control Libreflip with a 7″ Touchscreen and it has its own computer built in, which also does the postprocessing of the images.

Recent Project Updates

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[Video] - E26 - changing the frame and installing the counterweight (part2)

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