Wikimedia is AWESOME

I am very happy to announce that the Foundation Wikimedia Germany is sponsoring the project through their “Idea Sponsoring” (german: “Ideenförderung”) program.

Usually this program is there to help pay for costs that arise from the creation of or documentation of creative-common licensed content for the Wikipedia. The usual case is that a content producer who wishes to document for example the exhibits of a museum for the Wikipedia can be reimbursed for travel costs or can lend for example cameras or other equipment for free.

This project is a bit more meta as it aims to create a machine that helps to liberate knowledge through scanning Books, but nonetheless I was able to convince the Wikimedia that this project is worth to be funded.

This funding does not cover any hours, it just covers costs for materials or services that I can not provide myself.

Wikimedia is handling the funding through a portal built for this purpose, it can be found here:

The Libreflip project has its own Page and can be found here: